Magden Frostmount

Chuckling red-bearded dwarf, co-owner of F&A Mercantile


Some say Magden chose a life on the road, others say that no place but the road would have him. A merchant by trade and mercenary by necessity, Magden has seen more of the Empire than nearly any other dwarf. Afflicted with an atypical case of wanderlust and a typical lust of gold, Magden spent his youth killing things and haggling with vendors to sell the loot. After figuring that he had the raw end of the deal, he founded M&A Mercantile with his old friend Atos, a minor functionary in the Archmage’s lower circle.

Contracted by the Empire to bring much-needed supplies and manpower to the beleaguered settlement of Estoll’s Stand, he’s determined to keep his company (and profits) afloat.

Magden Frostmount

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