Goblin Rogue


-Dexterous Parry (one-handed
melee weapon – recharge
11+): When an enemy you
are engaged with hits you
while you’re wielding this
weapon, make a Dexterity
check against the attacker’s
MD. If you succeed, the attack
misses instead. Quirk: Jumpy
and suspicious.


This character is a goblin who was caught stealing from the goblin king witch led to the loss of his arm and his exile. When goblins become exiled they get tagged Exul and are condemned to never communicate with a person of their race again. After being exiled and tossed out on his own Exul made his way to Dragonwood where he made a temporary home and nursed himself back to health(Survivalist of Dragonwood+3). In Dragonwood Exul found a shrine to the Prince of Shadows and felt like he had a connection with him(+2 Prince of Shadows). Exul wanted to add to the shrine so he stole what he thought to be a magical item from the dwarf king(-1 Dwarf King). After traveling to nerby citys and towns he settled in Shadowport where he survives by stealing and selling jewlery(Theif +5) and conning people out of money with clever schemes(Conman +5). He spends most of his time at a bar called the Ravens Nest gambling and drinking with his contacts. His contacts are a bunch of people like him people that have lost somthing close to them, people with somthing missing.


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