Human Sorcerer


Important people:
Mom (dead) Worshiper of The Three
Dad (dead) Follower of The great gold wyrm
Ryan fellow researcher and colleague studied ruins together lives in Axis
Uncle (fathers brother) Studies the large insects that inhabit Spider Wood location in a town somewhere in spider wood close to the coast
Tolfdir Master spell caster that assisted elric after he barely escaped the hellgate of direwood location unknown
Possibly still others

Important Locations:
Dire wood (hellgate)
Hometown Silverwind of Throne point
Golden Citadel (where he learned many different languages)
The Oldwall Where Tolfdir had taken to recover after escaping the hellgate

Magical Items:
Ring of Defense (recharge 6+) Protects from 10 damage champion 20 epic 40
Scrolls of enchanting architecture
Golden scaled Tome
: Helm of the Herald: +1MD, can magnify your voice at will up to that of a giant. Quirk: Likes to be the center of attention


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